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Manufacturer:Johnson & Johnson manufactures Daktarin.
Uses:The uses of Daktarin include:
DAKTARIN Cream is a medicineused for treating athlete's foot, tinea,ringworm and thrush infections ofthe skin caused by fungi, including yeast. Do not use DAKTARIN Cream ifyou know you are allergic to:* miconazole or any of theingredients (see the last section ofthis leaflet for a full list ofingredients)* similar antifungal agents such as ketoconazole. Do not use DAKTARIN Cream if: * you are pregnant orbreastfeeding, unless your doctorhas advised you to * the packaging is torn or showssigns of being tampered with * the expiry date (month and year)printed on the pack has passed. Ifyou take it after the expiry date itmay not work
StrengthQtyPriceOrder Qty
Cream 30gm $60.85
Powder30gm $63.34
Spray Powder30gm $63.95
Lotion 30mL$66.22
2% Tincture30mL$71.20
Cream 90gm(3 x 30gm)$98.05
Lotion 90mL(3 x 30mL)$114.16
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